What is An Address

An Address is a pointer of location which includes a house name or number, street name, city, zipcode, postcode, state and country, used to represent the particular location of a building, apartment, place, or a landed property.

An Address is generally part of an organized geographical area or boundary including street names as a reference, together with other identifiers such as house or apartment numbers, organization numbers or zipcodes. Some addresses are also made up of special codes, such as a postal code, to make identification easier and help out in the routing or delivery of mail.

Uses of An Address

The following are list of uses of address:
1. Location: Addresses are useful in locating a building and a geographical place.
2. Identification: Addresses are used in identifying buildings, structures and properties.
3. Postal System: Addresses are used by the postal service for mail delivery and routing purposes.
4. Statistics: Addresses are used in statistics collection especially in census-taking.
5. Town Planning: Addresses are also used by the government for town planning purposes, resources allocation and development.

How To Write a Mailing Address in the United States

Writing a mailing address can be a little tricky and it differs from country to country, but if you are looking to write a mailing address for someone in the United States, you should use the following format to do that:

US Address Correct Format:
Name: Samuel L. Thompson
Street: 1026 Oakmound Road
City: Chicago
State/province/area: Illinois - IL
Zip code: 60605
Country: United States

Address: 1026 Oakmound Road, Chicago, Illinois 60605 United States

Name Of The Recipient - The name of the receiver should be written in full, including his or her middle name initials. A lot of people bear the same name so it is important that the initial or middle name of the receiver is written in full or short form. For example: Samuel L. Thompson or Lisa Juliet Kingsley.

The Street Address - The street address usually involves a house number, property number, or apartment number including the name of the street. For example: 1026 Oakmound Road, or 10 Kings Drive, Apt 8.

The Town or City - The town or city is next in line after clearly writing the street address. The City or Town are sometimes used interchangeably but the best practice is to use City precisely. Town or County are optional in most cases. For example: City: Chicago, IL or North Pole, AK

The State The state is next after the City. States are very crucial in any addressing system, infact an address without a state is no address at all. The State can be written in full or short form. For example: Illinois - IL or Texas - TX.

The Zipcode or Postcode The Zipcode usually contains five-digit numbers and sometimes nine digits depending on the area. You should provide the full nine digits if it is requested, but usually not needed in most cases. For example: 60605 or 99705 or 99705-8006

In the case of writing to an organization's address, you will first include the Company's Name, then followed by the Full Address and the Receivers work title and department .

How To Write An International Address

Addressing format slightly differs from country to country. You should take your time to verify the address format online first. An online search would normally produce the vast and correct format for writing a physical address for international countries. For example, some countries do not use zipcode, instead they use postcode or house number.

You can also contact your recipient beforehand in order to confirm the address format of the location. Especially for addresses overseas, you should research the common address format for the country that you are sending it to. The Universal Postal Union Portal provides you an online directory of international address formats.

Some of the differences in international addressing formats are as follows:
United Kingdom Address Correct Format
Street: 41 Gloucester Road
City: Clachan Of Glendaruel
Zip code: PA22 7QH
Country: United Kingdom
You will notice in the UK, Zipcode or Postcode uses the combination numbers and letters.

Romania Address Correct Format
Street: Strada Calarasi 45, Sebes
City: Pitesti
State/province/area: Pitesti
Country: Romania
You will notice in Romania, Zipcode or Post code are not in use, but house number is present.

Examples of US & UK Address Format

In the address sheet below, you will see the difference between a US Address format and UK Address format including US P.O Box Address format and UK P.O Box Address format respectively.

US Address Correct Format and UK Address Correct Format

Is Postal Address Same as Residential Address?

A Postal Address is a mailing address used by professionals and businesses to receive mails from senders without revealing their actual street location. It is useful for businesses and professionals or individuals who want their location private. Senders of mail can make sure postal mail gets to you without knowing your street address. Your location remains private.

A Residential Address is a physical home address or living address with a street name and number, used by individuals to recieve both mails and guests whether a visitor, a friend or a family member.

The clear difference between Postal and Residential address is this, Postal addresses do not carry a street name, so you can only use postal address for mailing purposes while Residential address has your street name to receive both mails, packages and guests.

How Many Addresses Are in The United States?

A lot of people have asked how many addresses are in the US. According to USPS Facts Table 2021 - There are over 161.4 million addresses in USA — including cities, states and towns. Every US resident has access to postal service and pays the same rate for a First-Class Mail postage stamp regardless of status or location.

About US Address Generator

US Address Generator Tool or App, is a web and mobile responsive application used for generating random US addresses for temporary use. On this tool, U.S addresses are generated randomly from all U.S. states, which includes phone numbers, cities, streets, zip codes, and state names. These addresses are usually random and not fully valid, used for anonymous purposes or for internet security purpose, and therefore can be used as geographic knowledge or as a resource for temporal data entry.

You can generate addresses, simply by selecting the state and it would instantly display full addresses sheet, with a convenient copy tool, so you can use it to generate US address for filling of forms online without any hassle.

Why Fake or Random US Address Generator

This tool only generates random USA addresses for research and temporary use, also for anonymous and security purposes, for instance if you are not sure about the authenticity of a website who have requested for your home address, it is wise to use a temporary random address or fake address in order to complete the form and once you have finally verified the website's validity or confirmed the authenticity of the website, you can then edit or change the address to your real address.

It is not advisable to enter your real address on every website, just like that. We advise you use a temporary address for the sake of completing the web form and then change the address once you are comfortable with the website. The internet nowadays need to be used with great caution and this is one of the tool that can help you in the area of personal information safety especially if you use the internet a lot.

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